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Cloud Service Delivery 

To say that the Cloud is a collection of applications that reside in data centers throughout the world is an oversimplification but accurate enough to help explain the value it delivers.

When you host an application in the Cloud you make it possible to offer services at a more cost effective scale.  You also get to deliver greater resilience and improved time-to-market.  

Yes, the Cloud sits in a data center somewhere but that makes it possible for your business to enjoy advanced features at a fraction of the cost of owning the appliances, licenses and devices.  

we understand.  you MAY not BE ready to put all your eggs in one basket


Go Hybrid and Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Take advantage of Day One Operation that the Cloud delivers in a portion of your business and leave your existing telephone solution in place.

Or use the cloud to spin up a call center during peak holiday use.

Or keep it as a failover during a scheduled (or unscheduled) outage.

The Cloud is a flexible solution and we have the expertise to make it work for your business.


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